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Welcome at the homepage of Signum Invenio Document Server,
The Visual Basic 6.0 Open Source HTTP server project of Signum Invenio.
And you wouldn't believe it's all done in visual basic 6 [SP6]?...


January 28, 2006 - DS CORE

The next level, Conceptual reality - Announcing the DS CORE.

The current UA version has been stripped from obsolete functionality, Internal classes are renamed and re-organized to support the class wrappers. The improved disclosure of the server source enables better server development.


December 15, 2005 - Version 3.3.4 is out now !

Dynamic help system

What is Signum Invenio Document Server

Document Server is an VB6 intranet/Internet web server delivering it's content using the TCP HTTP protocol. Document Server can serve documents based on simple HTML-coding or advanced server side scripting technologies. Document Server supports also a UDP server enabling messaging broadcasts over the network for P2P purposes.

Document Server does not run as a service like most servers do, it runs as a normal desktop program. The application can be minimized either to the task bar (IDE version) or system tray (IDE and UA version).

The server and administrative user interface are embedded in the IDE application for easy maintenance, testing and debugging.

The unattended version (UA) runs in the system tray. The UA and IDE versions share the same configuration file but UA can only be maintained trough it's Web API. The UA has no user interface except for a about box and a shutdown function. UA is only visible in the system tray.

The server supports Visual Basic active scripting language enabling you to write advanced and dynamic server side applications. The standard library has many functions to manipulate incoming and outgoing HTTP streams. A Command Line Interface (CLI) for external script-engines like Zend-PHP4, JAVA or custom programs supporting the CLI has been implemented.

The locally online help contains about 375 documents and 300 images to get you on your way installing, using and programming Document Server. Due to the beta draft status of the manual, errors may exist. Please feel free to send your feedback to us about the content of the documents and the program in common.

User administration

Signum Invenio Document Server is free software

The program and the source of Signum Invenio Document Server is free. In other words you do not have to pay for this product. There are some limitations and we recommend that you read the GNU General Public License (included with the software).

Real-time stats

Server specifications

 Windows XP and 2000 compatible (win32 executable)
 HTTP 1.0 Compatible HTTP Server
 UDP Broadcast Server
 User-friendly interface
 HTTP Proxy (Download/Upload from/to websites and SMTP/POP3 servers, etc)
 PIASe Active Script preprocessor and compiler on demand
 A maximum of 128 sessions
 Session hijack security system
 Cookies based session management
 Firewall, User and Security Systems
 Supports an Anonymous user, Standard users and an Administrative user
 Dynamic File Cache System
 Visual Basic Script Engine
 Full Programmable Kernel
 Session Variables
 Global and Global Static Variables
 Global Server Objects
 External OLE interface (Database's, Office, E-Mail, Hardware, etc)
 Over 230 programmable server functions
 Ping, Resolve host / IP and TraceRt
 Implementation of MS Speech Synthesizer and playback of wav audio
 Server-side screen-grabbing
 Server-side mouse and keyboard emulation
 Inline including, compiling and execution of script
 Supports Native and SHA 160 bits strong encryption
 RSA MD5 128 bits Secure login (Base64 also supported)
 Brute force logon detection
 ZLib compression for compact storage and transportation of data
 BMP/Jpeg image conversion
 Syntax colored program editor
 Wysiwyg HTML designer
 Spell-check automation (requires Microsoft Word to be installed)
 Shell interface for CLI's (PHP, PERL, JAVA, etc)
 IDE and Unattended editions
 Remote Administrator scripts
 HTML based documentation

HTTP methods

The following methods are implemented in the server-engine:


Programming tools


Support us

If you like using Signum Invenio Document Server or if you extracted source fragments for your own open source project, please support us to keep this product available for the open source communities.

Donate a small amount of money to the project (5% of your donation will be donated by us to sourceforge.net and 50% of the remaining amount will be donated by us to projects in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, The Middle East and South America. Education, Self serviced promotion, health, Environment and Children have our attention. Please help us to get this world a better place to live in!

If you have developed sub-products from the server source, distribute it via the Signum Invenio open source channels. Alternatively, You can support us by adding a link on your site or derived sub-product to http://signuminvenio.sourceforge.net/. Thanks in advance.

Do you want to join and help us with the server project to improve it? Write us a note.