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CORE is stable. By solving the latest bugs we feel that the server is running fine.

Are we done programming?

Nope, To write the project, We spent about 2600 coding hours to get where we stand now. Every programmer knows that even after years of programming and tweaking, the source is never done. There is always room to improve. Like our server, it's not done and there is room for improvement.

We need extra brain capacity (and fingers for that matter too) to fulfill our quest. No matter who you are, where you live, what you do, etc, etc, etc, as long as Visual Basic 6 SP6 is your second nature, you can help us.

Future planning

With the exception of CORE, all other sub projects are partly conceptual ideas and need advanced programming to create a true remote manageable server environment.

CORE priority tasks:

 Code Naming conventions.
 Restructuring modules and module naming.
 Removal of overhead code or functionalities that are not used.

IDE tasks:

 Most parts of the V3 IDE will be ported to a  CORE-less remote management application.
 Secure TCP communication client.
 A standalone remote configuration application supporting CORE setup.

Help (DOCOM):

 Kickoff project Help or DOCOM as our online documentation and content management system.

Do you want to join and help us with the server project to improve it? Write us a note.