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Class wrappers

The code snipped below shows you a disk append action using the class wrapper libraries. The disk class allows you to read and write files among other disk related methods such as deleting a file or reading a directory.

Groups of server functionality are reorganized and wrapped into classes either as a method, function or property. The names of the classes clearly identifies it's overall function in relation to server, client or system components and are remembered much better in comparization to the somewhat cryptic named non-classed PIASe functions that are currently in use.

The current non-classed PIASe function set will not be discarded and will be still available to the programmer. The server side script source created with older DS versions will stay compatible (in some extend) to the CORE server.

Updated or new non classed PIASe functions are subject to change either in it's name or parameters and may cause duplicate functionality. By adjusting the wrapper class to work with the new functionalities while maintaining and extending the current class interface, a programmer does not need to change code that is using the classes. 

A server side script using class wrapper libraries.

The benefits

 By the using class wrappers the required index parameter that is used calling PIASe functions becomes obsolete and will compact the code dramatically.

 By supporting class status and error values as class properties, less procedure level variables are needed. Compacting the source even more....

 Libraries will be available without declaration or including. Needless to say that this also will compact the source.

 With the use of clear class and method naming, the source becomes more readable by the script programmer. Quick interpretation of code blocks will save time during development.

 Transparent class interface enabling modifications and improvement at VB6 server-level functions and procedures without distorting the inner workings of server side script.

Working with the class wrappers saved us a lot of code writing and programmers confronted with the script above where able to explain the script without even a look in the class dictionary. Compact server side script, readability and introducing CORE updates transparently are the motivators to bring PIASe to the next level of server side script programming.

Line of sight?

Eventually, Beta's will become available introducing a new CORE server version. The new CORE is not compatible with the current DS versions in respect to the configuration and script files. The current versions will be upgraded and released with the official release of the new CORE version.

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