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About Signum Invenio

Signum Invenio is Latin. Signum stands for a Sign and Invenio stands for Finding out. The badge above represents Signum and the textual content DS (Document Server) represents what was found out.

The project

It started all in December 1999 as a private project named Pi. Until may 2004 we worked on it and published various (compiled) freeware editions. The sole purpose was to try and see if Visual Basic 6 was able to run a multi-session HTTP server and to understand the various HTTP, TCP and UDP protocols.

The project has targeted it's goals and has served many solutions. Due to the announcement of Microsoft to kill Visual Basic as a product we decided to publish the source as an open source.

The source

The source contains about 43.000 lines of visual basic source code. The source covers implementation of HTTP, UDP, Microsoft VB Script Engine, Encryption and advanced API. To add new functionality or change existing, solid VB knowledge is needed. The source is only to be run and compiled with Visual Basic 6.0 SP6.


Please direct your questions to: signuminvenio@user.sourceforge.net

We're not processing requests that are not related to Signum Invenio Document Server. Not that we are unwillingly, we simply don't have the time for it...

Privacy policy

We don't spam because we have nothing to sell. We don't sell or give away your email address. Information sent to us will not be published or shared outside the team unless you give us permission to do so. Simply and straight; We respect your privacy. Our email address listed above is used only for the project. This is not a sales channel, we cannot appreciate spam sent to this mailbox. Received sales promotion will be blacklisted.