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January 28, 2006 - DS CORE

The next level, Conceptual reality - Announcing the DS CORE.

The current UA version has been stripped from obsolete functionality, Internal classes are renamed and re-organized to support the class wrappers. The improved disclosure of the server source enables better server development.

The new CORE is able to switch to non-encrypted configuration storage and will self configure when important files are missing. By making encrypted configuration data optional readable, New CORE enables third party tools for configuration and operational use of custom server solutions. We feel that these tools should be remote management clients.

In time, a remote IDE will be presented providing the same functionality as the current DS IDE edition. New CORE will provide encrypted network interfaces to support secure remote management. With the introduction of the remote IDE, our support to the DS IDE and DS UA projects will end.

Currently, New CORE beta edition is only available to a controlled develop and test group. If you feel that we've left you out of the CORE development process, contact us.

January 21, 2006 - CORE classes

We're working on class wrappers to simplify server side script coding. The current server side script engine requires the programmer to call server functions to output response. Class wrappers deliver the same response but are far more simplified in terms of reading and coding response functions.

Class wrappers are stored in a new feature, libraries. Libraries are loaded at runtime and are available without declaration or including. Beside handling the standard class wrappers, Custom classes, functions and procedures can be added to the library collection.

There is a lot of class wrapping to do and we expect to work on it for several months. We will release beta-packages including a new CORE version. The new CORE will not be compatible to the current IDE and UA versions.

What can you expect? Well, Take a peek a class wrapper test script.

December 15, 2005 - New release available

As of December 15, 2005 version 3.3.4 is available.

This week we realized that we're working on the Document Server project for 6 years and with the fixes we made in version 3.2.4 and 3.3.4 we hope that we finally reached the stability phase we wanted.

The changes and fixes

 Unexpected connection droppings by the server are fixed. A week of  TCP debugging revealed that uploading connections did not have a correct TTL time set and were closed by the server if the data was not received within the TTL connect time (10 seconds by default). During this debugging phase we've found another bug that dropped connections while they where in transit to their final port destination. We had to write a real-time cyclic TCP logging mechanism to find the bugs and we decided to leave it under the server logging menu to give you extended TCP debug and logging options.

 Binaries have been recompiled using the latest compiler service pack (SP6). This will fix event fire issues by the Winsock control while a connection is already closed. According to Microsoft this will be the last SP made for Visual Basic 6.0. We suspect that VB6 will cease to exist soon. We will support VB6 as long as possible but preparations are on the way to start a new .NET server project.

 Connections from clients trying to overrun the maximum connections count are disconnected until the number of total connections of the client reaches the threshold. In the previous versions all connections of a violating client are closed when  the maximum connection count has been reached.

 Added the "Procedures" window. This window will list functions and subroutines of a currently edited script source.

 Url encoded filenames used in the HTML WYSIWYG editor caused a wrong name conversion and is fixed.


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