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Project definition

Signum Invenio Document Server

This is the overall name of the project as listed at SourceForge.net and can be divided in 3 sub projects. The CORE and IDE sub projects are written in Visual Basic 6.0. The Help or DOCOM sub projects is written in PIASe server side script.


The UA version of Signum Invenio Document Server is named the CORE project. It has no IDE or special windows and runs only in the system tray. Changes made in CORE dictates changes in the IDE version as well. In fact, CORE is Signum Invenio Document Server.

CORE modules:

 WinSock event handling
 HTTP event and request handling
 UDP event handling
 Class modules (server library)
 TCP raw/http proxy control

2. IDE

The IDE version is a CORE version with a user interface for configuration, maintenance and editing. All screen dumps listed on this and other pages are snapshots from the IDE. The IDE project involves all other code that does not belong to CORE.

CORE is embedded into the IDE code or better, the IDE has been built around the CORE code. A server in general does not support a user interface. This makes it hard to develop, test and debug a server. The IDE code was written to support the development of the server.

IDE user interfaces:

 Explore (file manager)
 Browser (IE)
 HTML editor (IE)
 Script editor (including code highlighting)
 User administration
 Configuration editor
 Debug console
 Server stats
 Log files
 Open documents and windows
 Custom menu
 Common IDE control

3. Help (future DOCOM)

Project Help is the help and documentation system of the IDE. It's a content management system written in PIASe server side script. This help application will form the basis for a new content/configuration management system for the IDE and UA versions.

The current configuration manager RADM (Remote administrator) is outdated and needs an updated and modern interface. RADM will merge into Help and at the introduction of this new version the Help project will become the Documentation and Configuration manager project (DOCOM).

Handy IE browser

Do you want to join and help us with the server project to improve it? Write us a note.